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Nano gas sensor
able to detect multiple targeted gases in the air

Gas Sensors Enable smart decisions with actionable granular data
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Indoor Pollutants

Exposure includes:

  • Stoves, Heaters, Fireplaces & Chimneys
  • Flooring, Upholstery or Carpet
  • Tobacco Products
  • Pesticides, Radon
  • Central Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Humidification Devices, Excess Moisture
  • Outdoor Air Pollution
  • Cabinetry, Wooden Furniture & Flooring
  • Household Cleaning Products, Air Fresheners
Air Quality

7 million premature deaths annually linked to air pollution

More than 80% of people living in urban areas are exposed to air quality levels that exceed World Health Organization (WHO) limits

Outdoor Pollutants

Exposure Includes:

  • Motor Vehicles & Transportation
  • Power Generation - Water Treatment
  • Domestic Heating & Other Contributors
  • Agricultural Processes
  • Waste Incineration
  • Wind-blown Dust
  • Climate Change
  • Thunderstorms, Volcanoes, Wildfires
  • Industrial Processes, Oil Refineries, Factories
1.5 nanometers
Power & Size
Low Power & Small
Multiple Gases & VOCs

Nano Gas Sensor

AerNos nano gas sensors are designed to detect multiple targeted airborne gases or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) simultaneously to the parts-per-billion.

Detect Toxins - Take Action

Take specific action when specific airborne toxins are detected. With the latest in data science, predictive analysis and data modeling, users will be able to take steps to avoid or reduce exposures.

Embedded Gas Sensors

Each sensor technology can be integrated into Internet of Things (IoT) devices, wearables, smartphones, standalone and mobile devices.

AerNos Cloud Data Platform

Air Quality Data is knowledge and knowledge transforms into power to take the necessary action. A repository of all air quality data are calibrated and homogenized for the highest level of accuracy, analysis, and preventive action.


Our Team  Smarts | Character | Integrity | Teamwork | Success

We are Visionaries, Entrepreneurs, Business Founders, Designers, Scientists, Artists, Engineers, Therapists, Mathematicians, Musicians, Physicians, Finance Enthusiasts, Chemists, Analysts, Biologists, and Big Data aficionados. Although many interests brings us together as a group, one area stands out the most - our passion to use nano technology innovation to help the world better understand what's in the air we breathe. Our name was inspired by Latin words "air" and "our" because we care about the air we breathe. We have been through challenges with our science, our engineering, our business as well as the drama of daily living but our resolve to build a product having the potential of impacting millions if not billions of lives around the world kept us going. We are using our expertise in nano innovation and working hand-in-hand with global partners to pioneer what the world has never seen before.

We welcome you to be part of our journey
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  • Data Science

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1. Design

Our nano gas sensors are designed to target specific gas sensing applications

2. Configure

AerN2S formulation technology allows us to configure the nano gas sensors to your needs

3. Prototype

Each application development goes through the prototype face where products and accuracy is validated

4. Mass Produce

Proprietary microfabrication techniques coupled with a global network of worldwide partners allows us to produce millions of nano gas sensors per day

5. Deploy

Upon deployment, rich analytics, machine learning, data homogenization and predictive modeling cloud based systems provide insights for actionable intelligence

AerN2S Technology

Multi Channel Gas Sensor Array

The AerN2S Technology is based on nanomaterials created with multi-layer hybrid nano-structures.
Sensor arrays with unique material combination and molecular formulation provide simultaneous detection of
multiple gases. Specific combination of the hybrid nanomaterial structures further allows the selectivity and sensitivity of gases to the parts-per-billion (ppb).

Nanomaterial doping processes are used to create nanostructures where shape, size, density and location of nanomaterials are fabricated with precision. Results in sensor arrays are configurable and scalable based on sensing applications.

  • Designed for Small Form Factor - as small as 3 mm x 3 mm.
  • Low power utilization - Under 2 mA operating power
  • Ability to detect multiple air quality indicators/gases simultaneously

Proprietary Molecular Formulation

AerN2S Technology utilizes nano innovation and and proprietary molecular level formulation to fabricate nano gas sensors that target very specific gases in an environment with many gases. This technology enables us to provide the sensitivity and selectivity that is required to provide the level of accuracy so important in many applications.

  1. Selectivity, Sensitivity, Stability

  2. Proprietary sensor array level formulation
  3. Unique sensor array design
  4. Designed for wafer level and lab fabrication
  1. Parts-Per-Billion detection
  2. Quick Recovery Times & Long Lifespan
  3. Improved physical & chemical properties
  4. Fast startup and detection

Data Science | Machine Learning

Signal processing, pattern recognition algorithms and predictive models are crucial for the succes​s of our gas sensing technology. Algorithmic detection and optimization of signal and filtering of noise enables sensitivity to unprecedented low gas concentrations. We utilize enhanced data science to provide high levels of accuracy in pattern recognition of targeted gases:

  • Algorithmic Detection
  • Signal & Noise Filtering
  • Enhanced Supporting Vector Machine
  • Dimentionality Reduction
  • Large Scale In-House Sourcing
  • Artificial Neural Networks

Pattern | Design | Contruction

The AerN2S Technology framework affords multiple sensor array configurations based on the application. Each configuration may support one or more applications that require multiple gas sensing capabilities. To provide the highest level of accuracy, our data science team utilizes a combination of supervised learning as well as metered big data to optimize resuslts:

  1. Big Data Homogenization | Relevancy
  2. Supervised Learning
  3. Large Scale In-House Sourcing
  4. Learned Predictive Models

Engineered for Nano Gas Sensor

AerN2S gas sensors are designed for precision and accuracy to obtain the best signal to noise from each sensor. Individual sensor channels are fine tuned to optimize sensor biasing thus maximizing the sensor channel's response signal.

Hardware & Software Filtering

Individual filtering properties are applied to each channel to minimize noise floor.

Auto Calibration

Redundant sensor channels are auto calibrated utilizing proprietary hardware and software technologies to maintain sensing accuracy

Low Power Usage

Each sensor in the array is designed to biased simultaneously, all while providing a extremely low power platform of less than 2mA.

Individual Sensor Channels

Sensor channel electrical properties are individually tracked over time to optimize our levels of gas detection.

Addressing Cross Sensitivity

Utilizing target gas molecular formulation in combination with electrical engineering, cross sensitivity is greatly reduced.

Communication Protocol

Our sensing platform is designed to be modular and easily integrate-able into any system using standard protocols such as SPI, I2C, UART, and USB.

Designed for Scalability

AerNos has developed proprietary manufacturing systems and processes coupled with a global network of seasoned development partners, our end products are designed to scale up to your production needs. Utilizing DMADV methodology as well as vendor management inventory and integrated information technology systems and process, we are ready to serve your needs no matter how big or small.

  1. Proprietary Systems & Processes
  2. Industry Delivery & Fulfillment Standards
  3. Global Network of Development Partners
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